Coronavirus: More health myths to ignore


Coronavirus: More health myths to ignore



Will most people who get COVID-19 get very sick or die?

FACT: Most people who get COVID­-19 will have a mild form of the illness and recover without needing professional medical care. Around eight out of every 10 people with COVID­-19 will have mild symptoms. Around one in six people will become severely ill and need hospital care. Scientific modelling suggests that around 1 in 100 people who get COVID-19 will die.

Can you always tell if someone has COVID-19?

FACT: No The virus can be in someone’s body for up to 14 days before they get symptoms, and some people will have such a mild case of COVID-19 that they might not notice that anything is wrong. That’s why it’s important that everyone follows government advice – including hand washing, using tissues to catch coughs and sneezes, and avoiding crowds – to stop the spread of the virus, even if they feel healthy.

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